OCT 21 - DEC 4, 2022


WANG Qingsong, YAO Lu, ZHANG Kechun


SEOK Jaehyun


Korea Culture and Arts Centers Association


Andong Culture & Art Center



Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Korea Sports Promotion Foundation

2022 is a historical year of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and China. We have shared Chinese character culture for over 5,000 years and are the closest and most important neighbors. Therefore many refer to the ‘A man should be independent at the age of thirty (三十而立)’ from Confucius and planned many events for two countries to commune. We, the photograph industry, cannot be excepted.

This exhibition <The Era of Contemplation _ Portraying China > will be held at the Andong Culture & Art Center. We designed it with the hope that this exhibition becomes a special ‘communion’ to draw a blueprint for the future and break down the ‘wall’ built because of Covid-19 and many other issues while celebrating Korea and China’s past 30 years of history. Three photographers, WANG Qingsong, Yao Lu, and ZANG Kechun, who participated in this exhibition, have a greater affection for their country than their self-love as an artist. China achieved a remarkable miracle of the continent with its reform and opening. However, they led us to contemplate what future China needs to pursue by raising questions about the people living in and changing society and nature. The path that artists who live in the same era must walk. That is the power of photography.

SEOK Jaehyun, a curator