Dec 7 - DEC 21, 2022


KOO Bohnchang, MIN Byunghun, 

HAN Youngwook, DO Songbook 


Timmy Myeongsuk Kim


Gangneung Art Center




Kukje Gallery



<Boundary-Between photograph and painting> tells the characteristics and boundaries of different art media; photography and painting. Photography developed following camera obscura, and in the mid-19th century, the daguerreotype, a convenient machine that anyone could easily take photo, changed the conventional thought of painting. The artist who painted in the dark saw the picture and began to paint under the light. For a short 200 years, photography has been used as such an essential medium of 'record'. But now photography has become a visual art medium. Only the method of expression is different, but the results gradually go beyond the meaning of the record, creating a pictorial and lyrical atmosphere, and the "realness" of the picture becomes blurred. On the other hand, in the 2000s, some painters began to paint 'hyper-realism painting' that expressed objects realistically. Here, they were not simply describing the appearance of the object, but trying to express the fact beyond the fact, that is, the essential existence of the object. Photographs look increasingly picturesque, and paintings overcome the limitations of each medium by giving more detailed and realistic expressions than photographs. In modern art, the media is now just a tool. The works of artists in the exhibition explore and express the very essence of the object beyond the characteristics of limited media are gathered in one place. I hope you will experience a new interpretation of the object through different expressive methods they show.

Timmy Myeongsuk Kim