JUN 28 - AUG 21, 2022


Timmy Myeongsuk KIM

Director,  D'ART


Yongin Cultural Foundation


Chang Ucchin Foundation


Chang Ucchin: Home and Meditation

Roses are in full bloom around Chang Ucchin's home. The wildflowers peek their heads out from the verdant shrubs, adding delicate colors to the beauty of the scene. The flowers and everything that one could easily miss cover the home in a long friendship with Chang Ucchin. From the door jambs and thresholds of Hanok where he lived to the banner on the garden pagoda and the single tree of persimmons—all still greet us gladly, even after 30 years have passed. Many of those who visit here already have a long relationship with Chang or form new relationships here. I grew up often listening to these very stories from my father, who had some connections with the artist. He recalled that Chang was indeed an artist who could paint exceptionally well. At the time, it was a mystery to me why so many people remembered and held onto their memories of him. The reason I finally realize now is that, behind his simple life was a deep, bottomless world that beckoned everyone.


When speaking of Chang Ucchin, we are too quick to attach the nickname of an artist with childlike When speaking of Chang Ucchin, we are too quick to attach the nickname of an artist with a childlike naivete. Would it be truly possible for us to easily create such childlike paintings if we were given a blank canvas? His works are the simplest yet deepest paintings that adults cannot complete. In other words, Chang's works result from sushin (cleansing oneself), in which he trained himself for a long time for trying to empty things out, fill them up, and try to fill things up, only to empty things out.

This exhibition in Yongin is the first time in 37 years since Chang built a new home in Yongin in November 1985 that an exhibition has been held. Many exhibitions have showcased his works, but this one will be special. It is an opportunity to meet the most recent Chang in the place that holds his last breath. Sitting in his home, it almost feels as though he might appear before our eyes to greet us with a big smile. Now, we are creating yet another relationship with Chang so we may remember him for a long time.

Timmy Myeongsuk Kim

Director, D'ART